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tv   FOX19 Morning News Extra  FOX  March 21, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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welcome back to the fox19 now morning xtra... the extra hour of the xtra. we still have an hour to go... but first we want to check your forecast. weather now after a chilly weekend we will get back to more
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before another quick cool down for the end of the week. we start out this morning in the upper 20s with sunshine this afternoon and a our winds will shift on tuesday and a southern sunshine. cloud mix and a high moves in on on and off rain and some thunder thursday as a cold front will drop is from 63 degrees thursday to a high of 49 on friday. then easter weekend looks dry and sunny with warming temps to 60 on saturday and 64 degrees on sunday . frank cam we all know first impression can make or break a job
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make or break a job some on hard times its difficult to afford the right look for that job interview....well dress for success helps women going out into the work forece and now new partnership will allow you to give back....lisa mcdaniel brown with dress for success is here.. talbots joins oprah magazine to success proceeds from the
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edition "o, the oprah magazine capsule collection for talbots" to be donated to dress for success cincinnati february 24, 2016 -- talbots and o, the oprah magazine have joined forces to launch an unprecedented spring retail collaboration and campaign that is for women, about women, supporting women and dressing women. the partnership is the culmination of two like-minded organizations with like-minded philanthropic visions coming together to support dress for success and dress for success cincinnati. dress for success cincinnati receives a portion of the money raised. as part of the collaboration, o magazine's creative director, adam glassman created the exclusive o, the oprah magazine for talbots capsule collection. this limited edition 7-piece collection hit talbots stores nationwide on february 22 and will be available
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proceeds benefitting dress for success. the capsule collection, which is available in missy, petite, women's and women's petite sizes, retails from $60 for the ombre striped scarf to $189 for the hydrangea-print fit & flare dress. last year, through customer donations and a percentage of proceeds from store events, talbots collected more than 4,000 boxes of clothing and was able to donate $500,000 to dress for success. this year, through the partnership with o magazine, the goal is to double the monetary and clothing donations. on saturday, march 5, all talbots stores across the country will hold "spring style shopping parties," where women nationwide can shop at 25% off excluding the capsule collection , enjoy refreshments, and make donations to dress for success. nearly new office- appropriate attire will be accepted at any talbots
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and monetary donations will be accepted at the register of each store through april 3. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - about dress for success dress for success is an international not-for-profit organization that includes local chapter dress for success cincinnati. dress for success cincinnati empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. since its founding in 1999, dress for success cincinnati has served more than 13,000 disadvantaged local women, since starting operations in 1997, dress for success has expanded to almost 150 cities in 20 countries. to date, dress for success has helped more than 925,000 women work towards self- sufficiency. to learn more, visit or visit www.dressforsucc for information about the worldwide operations. about talbots founded in 1947, talbots is a leading retailer and direct marketer of women's classic apparel, shoes, and accessories. today, there are nearly 500 talbots stores throughout the u.s. 45 states and canada with catalogs and an e- commerce site reaching a vast audience of customers around the world. for more information, visit . about o, the oprah magazine o, the oprah magazine encourages confident, intelligent women to reach for their dreams, express their individual style and make wise choices, guided by the values of one of the most charismatic women in the world, o editorial director oprah winfrey. with an emphasis on personal growth, the magazine deeply connects with more than 15 million readers every month. in may 2012, o, the oprah magazine won the publishing industry's highest honor, the american society of magazine editors asme award for general excellence. o, the oprah magazine is a co-venture between harpo print, llc and hearst magazines, a unit of hearst, one of the nation's largest diversified media and information companies. ### the oprah clothing at talbots sells through april 3 and 30% of the sales goes to dress for success. still to come "our goal is to save lives and to make sure
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have somebody looking out for them." vo we'll tell you how
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children's lives.... when the morning x returns. xtra is sponsored by
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p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying your next one. arrested overnight in the beating death of 73-year-old carl engel are being held on $1-point-25 million dollar bond each. james kirby jr, mario lewis, and chasidy brewer are being held at the hamilton county jail on charges of aggravated murder, burglary and tampering with evidence. they're accused of killing engel over the weekend after he "befriended" and tried to help kirby, according to cincinnati police.
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new this morning a high speed police chase ends with a crash in glendale. a sharonville police officer was investigating a possible theft in the 11-thousand block of reading road... when the car took off from the area. police say the car reached around 100 miles per hour.... before going airborne and slamming into a pole... and then running into a building near sharon road at willow avenue. both the driver of the car... and a passenger were sent to the hospital... no word on how serious their injuries are. new information now on a 15-year- old boy who's in custody after police say he made threats against several schools. we've learned that the student is facing a felony charge of inducing panic and a misdemeanor charge of telecommunication s harrassment. he attends dater high school. saunders says he made online threats to dater high school, west high, aiken high and walnut hills. he was arrested at his home in college hill around 2 am
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will be open today. cincinnati fire is investigating an apartment fire, happening overnight in north avondale. this was the scene at the avon fields apartment complex on reading road, just after midnight. investigators believe that the fire started inside a storage room in the basement... thankfully, everyone made it out safely... residents were allowed to return to their homes after the smoke was cleared. damage is estimated at 15 thousand dollars. i will continue to follow breaking news for you and bring you the latest information right here on the morning xtra and our website fox19 now-dot-com. right now, we want to get a check of your weather with jeff... weather now transition after a chilly weekend we will get back to more spring like temps in the 60s this week before another quick cool down for the end of the week. we start out this morning in the upper 20s with sunshine this afternoon and a high of 50 degrees. our winds will shift on tuesday with a windy day and a southern flow with a high of 62 degrees and sunshine. wednesday will be mild with a sun and cloud mix and a high of 65 before rain moves in on thursday. i expect on and off rain and some thunder thursday as a cold front will drop is from 63 degrees thursday to a high of 49 on friday. then easter weekend looks dry and sunny with warming temps to
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designed to prevent hot car deaths could soon pop up across the country. and the inventors -- two florida dads -- are confident their product will be successful in saving children's lives. fox's evan lambert explains how the gadget works. shamma says: "we want this to be in every car seat." two tampa dads say with their invention--children
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inside a hot car. shamma says: "we were tired of hearing all these sad stories and seeing the agony on parent's faces and we decided that this is such a serious problem that could probably be solved with a simple solution." fadi shamma--a pharmacist and jim friedman--an electrical engineer--are neighbors, friends and now business partners. they're seeking to fight what's become a serious the national highway traffic safety administration says in 2014--the most which numbers are available--at least 30 children died from heatstroke in cars. after crashes--it's the second leading cause of death for children under 14. that's where sense a life comes in. shamma says: "this is the main device and the optical sensor." in as quick as 30 seconds--anyone can install the two-part system in their car. shamma says: "once the child is in the seat the weight turns on the sensor which talks with the main device which is all wireless. it is all bluetooth technology." on-cam the device is
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opens... alert you get a voice alert that your child is in the car. the backup is a message sent straight to your phone. that phone alert will continue to go off until you silence it. and if ignored long enough--even a second parent or caretaker can get a mobile alert. shamma and friedman have already applied for a patent. shamma says: "our goal is to save lives and to make sure these defenseless lives have somebody looking out for them." toyota billboard frank vert mon still to come it's a brawl.... in a new jersey mall... involving the easter bunny... what happened coming up plus "i was speechless and the first thing the first thing that popped into sure?' amy schumer leaves a really big tip while she was watching "hamilton" we'll tell you why she did it coming up next
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comedian amy frank cam
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really enjoyed the service she received while checking out the broadway blockbuster hit "hamilton" this weekend. as cnn's tim flescher reports...the bartender was shocked by the tip she received. comedian amy schumer in these pictures she posted on instagram was taking in the broadway blockbuster hit 'hamilton' on saturday night. she and her friends got the hottest tickets in town... if you're lucky to get a ticket. she then enjoyed a round of drinks. sara laursen/bar captain "it was three double reds and one sam adams." at intermission, schumer and her friends ordered a second round of drinks for $77, but that is when laursen was hit with the real showstopper. sara laursen/bar captain "they paid with a credit card, and they slipped me the credit card clip, and it said 'amy wants to make sure
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completely shocked." mike anthony/bar manager "i noticed her - just becomes totally still, and i looked over at what's was totally this piece of paper." anthony has the a whopping one thousand dollar tip. sara laursen/bar captain "i was speechless and the first thing the first thing that popped into my head was 'are you sure?' and he's like walking away and says 'of course, of course! i was like thank you, thank you so much." five other bartenders were working so they split it seven ways, each collecting about $160. madeleine dejohn/bartender "i kind of like started to choke up a little bit. this was something i've never witness that kind of generosity and kindness." the bartenders say amy schumer has been to 'hamilton' before, and since some of them are aspiring actors and comedians, they think there could be a kinship here. mike anthony/bar manager "she used to bartend back in the day. everybody knows she is hysterical and smart, but she's incredibly generous." and how are the
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to spend the windfall? sara laursen/bar captain "put it towards rent, but maybe go out for a few drinks." mike anthony/bar manager "some really good chocolate, i think that's what i'm going to do." "random people are commenting on the picture being like 'i live off tips. this unbelievable." that's not a bad way to bring down the curtain. still to come everyone loves magic tricks... including the animal kingdom... we'll explain coming up plus... we're taking a look at this season of "gotham" coming up next and a reminder fox19 now is once again teaming up with saint jude children's research hospital for the annual dream home giveaway. tickets are on sale right now and if you buy now, you'll be entered to win a 25-hundred dollar play set from recreations outlet and a honda civic from superior honda. text "home" to 4- 19-19 for a link to buy your ticket... they're going fast so don't wait too
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actor ben mckenzie
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the actor is well- known for his role as detective james gordon on the hit fox show "gotham"... which has just been renewed for a third season. fox's adam housley has more from the star himself about his favorite villians... and what fans can expect in the upcoming season. ben mckenzie plays detective james gordon on fox's hit
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where the show is going as it reveals the dark side of the city in the "wrath of the villians" chapter. gotham clip mckenzie says: "i mean what we are trying to start with is uh is a city that it's boarding on anarchy right it's sort of like new york in the 70s with the dial turned up to 11 you know the city is really falling apart and into that kind of chaos that power vacuum you throw a bunch of kind of nutty people people with mental health issues and things like that and you can kind of believe that they would actually turn into super villains." gotham clip his character has revealed he has a dark side too and that will have consequences. gotham clip
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that develops it's a quite shocking and um you know put it this way everything in jim's life suffers for what he has done not just his relationships with the g-c-p-d with barnes and bullock but his personal relationship with tompkins." batman vs superman trailer hyped "batman vs justice" hitting 24th... and a third season of gotham just it's clear the comic book hero is still a fan favorite... giving their all to audiences are mckenzie says: it's a great about gotham is that we have all of the tools at our disposal we have these beautiful and we have amazing cinematography and costumes and production design and the writing is good and complicated and complex and the cast is terrific so it's doing this amazing over the top sort of comic uh saga story and um having fun while doing it it's a dream come true." in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. still to come video of two parakeet brothers
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going viral... we'll show it to you coming up but first... smile it's your birthday! we want to wish a very happy birthday to.... emily from independence... who turns 11 today also turning 11... is sabrina from fayetteville kristopher turns 15 today and.... carol turns 16 today 16 today if you want us to feature your birthday on fox19 now.... just send us an email... with your name, birth date, age and where you are from... to birthdays-at-fox- 19-now-dot-com reopen cam bump in frank 2shot welcome back to life' s morning multitasking for a growing family, and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need. life' s sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone.
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weather now after a chilly weekend we will
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before another quick cool down this morning in the upper 20s with sunshine this afternoon and a high of 50 degrees. our winds will shift on tuesday with a windy day and a southern flow with a high of 62 degrees and sunshine. wednesday will be mild with a sun and cloud mix and a high of 65 before rain moves in on thursday. i expect on and off rain and some thunder thursday as a cold front will drop is from 63 degrees thursday to a high of 49 on friday. and sunny with 60 on saturday and i got dibs... officer hops
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moviegoers continue to go wild for "zootopia." it's number one at the weekend box office for the 3rd straight week...bringing in 38 million dollars. "allegiant"...the 3rd installment in the
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came in 2nd with 29 million dollars... well short of expectations. and... "miracles from heaven," took third place, with 15-million. animation what caught our eye animation what caught frank's eye easter may be just a week away, but the holiday spirit came to a halt today after a mall bunny found himself tangled up in a brawl. in a video posted on twitter this
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jersey city, an easter bunny can be seen exchanging punches with customers waiting online to have photos taken. at the beginning of the video, the bunny -- without his floppy ears -- is seen being separated from a man wearing a brown shirt. but just seconds after they are taken away from one another, the bunny throws his gloves off and approaches the mall goer again. police could not be immediately reached for comment. reached for comment. what caught kara's eye two parakeet brothers named
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were born one year apart and are apparently inseparable. they know they're brothers, but they're also a whole lot more - they're truly best friends too. they clearly share a very strong bond with each other, as is evidenced by the way they greet each other with absolutely used to have a parakeet as a kid, nowhere near as loving as these two seem to be. what caught jeff's eye
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what age you are or where you come from, it is impossible not to appreciate a good magic trick. magic is more than just tricks, it's an attack on everything you thought of how the world is supposed to work. the allure of magic isn't limited to just us humans; even baboons know a good trick when they see one. take a look.... on a recent trip to the local zoo, one man got the bright idea to perform a trick for one of the baboons in the idea to perform a trick for one of the baboons in the primate exhibit. once he got the attention of a particularly curious baboon, he pulled off the classic disappearing card trick. while the trick itself is basic in terms of
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baboon's reaction that has taken the internet by storm. as soon as the primate sees what happened, he doubles over in laughter and can't believe his eyes. sometimes, as this animal tells us, when something happens in life that you can't explain, the best thing to do is laugh. if only this baboon was in the audience for every magic show, i would go to all of them. we'll be right back after this short break stay with us "announcer: now with the fox19 mobile app, you'll never be without fox19 news. from to text and email alerts for breaking news and weather. it's all right here in the palm of your hand." breaking news breaking now...
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ohio's average price for regular workweek has 20 cents from what the state average was this time last today's triple-a survey shows that the price per gallon in ohio is the state average of $1.70 a month ago, but it's still less than today's price of around $1.98. new this morning we're also following breaking township in dispatchers tell us two people, one armed with a knife, robbed the speedway on state no word on
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reportedly got away in a silver car, possibly a cadillac. we'll update you as we learn more details as soon as we have them on air, and online. police in grant county... are asking for your help this morning. investigators say these two men tried to rob the marathon in williamstown over the weekend, but they didn't get what they were looking for.. because the door had already been locked. if you know anything- call police. a sad xavier locker room following a heartbreaking loss in the n-c-a-a tournament. minutes left in the game, wisconsin stormed back to tie... and then knocked down this buzzer beater to win it. xavier ends the season 28 and 6. follow breaking news for you and bring you the right here on the now-dot-com. right now, we want to get a check with catherine
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after a chilly weekend we will get back to more spring like temps in the 60s this week before another quick cool down for the end of the week. we start out this morning in the upper 20s with sunshine this afternoon and a high of 50 degrees. our winds will shift on tuesday with a windy day and a southern flow with a high of 62 degrees and sunshine. wednesday will be mild with a sun and cloud mix and a high of 65 before rain moves in on thursday. i expect on and off rain and some thunder thursday as a cold front will drop is thursday to a high of 49 on friday. weekend looks dry warming temps to 60 on saturday and 64 degrees on
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are finally over girl. ... thanks to a local
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months of agony are finally over for one colorado girl. she got rid of lice ... thanks to a local business ... that has a brand new approach to killing the itchy bugs fox's ashley michels has more on the new treatment ... fernandez says: "i do her hair daily and i didn't know anything until i finally seen it actually crawling." it was lice. seven year old karma martinez has had a head full of the tiny bugs since december. her mom latasha says she's tried everything to get rid of them. and suspected
10:44 am
boswell says: "i time parents feel like they keep getting it but what it really is they never quite got rid of it." so the problem solvers brought the pair to lice clinics of america to find out. on-cam experts tell us only about 20 percent of people who have lice actually itch. so the only way to know for sure is to let a professional check. boswell says: "i yet." kelli boswell owns the clinic. and to the naked eye - even she thought karma was clean. boswell says: "i know what i'm looking for and didn't see anything." until she used a special comb. boswell says: "i think i just found one." karma and her mom have super lice - with eggs so small they're almost impossible to see. boswell says: "when you're combing out you don't have them all and then two weeks later pow." and even harder to
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regular over the counter lice treatments. boswell says: "it's not that they can't be killed they're just not dying from those particular cooking for free! we'll tell you about the classes... while making some green onion mashed potatoes.... next toyota billboard frank cam just because st
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the rear view mirror doesnt mean we cant still be cooking with the spices of the irish.... de stewart of colonel ds here with a classic irish reciepe and where you can take part in a class to learn all about how to spice up your food. champ green onion mashed potatoes champ is traditionally served with a well in the middle that has a dab of butter melting in it. the potatoes are usually eaten from "outside" to "inside," dipping each bite into the butter. from the tinakilly country house & restaurant in rathnew, ireland.this recipe
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accompany beef tenderloin with spring vegetables. yield serves 4 ingredients " 2 pounds russet potatoes, peeled, cut into 1- inch pieces " 1/2 cup whipping cream " 1/4 cup 1/2 stick butter " 1 bunch green onions, sliced about 1 1/3 cups preparation cook potatoes in pot of boiling salted water until very tender, about 15 minutes. meanwhile, bring cream and butter to simmer in heavy small saucepan over medium heat, stirring often. mix in green onions. remove from heat. cover and let steep while potatoes cook. drain potatoes thoroughly. return potatoes to same pot and mash. add cream mixture and stir until
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taste with salt and pepper. can be prepared 2 hours ahead. cover; let stand at room temperature. rewarm over low heat, stirring often. de stewart learned at his mother's apron strings. during the '50s and '60s his house seemed to be one of the hubs for the hillbilly diaspora that was taking place. people would show up at the house, everybody would hug, and then the women would attack the kitchen and cook wondrous and magical things. he learned a lot by observing but had the feeling there could be more to it than just salt, pepper, and lard. later de went on a pursuit to learn all he could about herbs & spices. this exercise culminated in the creation of his first book which was an e-book titled, "all about herbs & spice". the book is an encyclopedia of culinary herbs & spices. de's grandfather had a fish and poultry market in louisville for many years and he would go every summer and try to "help" him. one of his regular customers was a young man who shopped for his grandmother. his name was cassius clay. he would become quite famous a few years later under the name muhammad ali. after urban redevelopment took his grandfather's store, de's father and grandfather opened a produce market and de spent his summers and every opportunity learning the business. twice, in de's career, he found himself working for col. sanders, the kentucky fried chicken guy. they even went to the same church. in northern kentucky, when de had a cable cooking show, he was known as the "businessman chef". he was a founder of the madison e- zone a technology incubator , served on the northern kentucky chamber of commerce board of directors and the executive committee for several years, served on the board and was chair for two years on the workforce investment board county region
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at eastgate, and now the friendly market in northern kentucky de is simply known as "the colonel". proud to be a kentucky colonel, he really doesn't mi, spices and blends. colonel de even provides 50 chefs and/or restaipes, thursday 3/24 at 7pm, erlanger library gfx recipe is on social media gfx recipe is on social media
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cheetah cubs using a very rare procedure... and the internet gets a say in naming a new ship....uh-oh. we'll be right back... in 2 and a half minutes.
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wi t help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'keeping dad on schedule. i'keeping my mom happy! cot epers in-home professional caregivers caprovide meal planning and preparation, heth and wellness services anrsal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, soour aging loved ones can
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nautical vessel... this will teach them a lesson. cnn's jeremy roth has today's take a look at this. this is why we can't have nice things.... the uk's national environment research council..or nerc... is asking the public for name suggestions for their newest research vessel... a 288 million dollar ship, years in the making. and if the internet gets its way... it will be called 'boaty mcboatface" that's right. the council is learning the hard way that when you ask the internet for something serious... most likely, you will get something snarky in return. "mcboatface" is the current frontrunner among suggestions that include "the rrs it's bloody cold here" and "usain boat". nerc has smartly specified the names are "suggestions only" ... so there's still a chance it will be named something boring, which will undoubtedly earn a collective nats- foghorn ...from the internet.
10:56 am
vote. maybe we should all vote on new names for...nerc. cubs are settling in zoo... after being delivered via a rare c-section last week. once the births were deemed high had to step in to perform the procedure the premature cubs the 3 boys and 2 girl cubs are the-clock care and bottle feeding... and so far everyone is doing well. roth. president barack obama is in cuba. the occasion marks the first u-s presidential visit in nearly 90 years. the president has a busy schedule today...meeting with cuban president raul castro. his administration has loosened travel restrictions, and made buying cuban goods easier. the goal of the to continue healing the strained
10:57 am
created during the cold war. frank gfx coming up on fox19 now tonight at 8 it's "gotham" then it's "lucifer" at 9.
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coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 30 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card.
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